About me

Hi, I’m Fern! I’m a 2nd year PhD student in the Computer Science Department at Yale University. I’m a member of the Social Robotics Lab, supervised by Brian Scassellati. My research focuses on using robots to understand and promote prosocial dynamics. I am currently working on a project about how/why humans interpret particular antisocial behavior exhibited by robots as prosocial in a specific context similar to how people show sympathy towards the villains from movies in some specific cases. I am excited about creating and using technology that helps people to improve their daily lives. I am also currently serving in Yale Computer Science Graduate Student Advisory Committee.

I completed my B.S. in artificial intelligence (AI) with a concentration in human-computer interaction (HCI) at Carnegie Mellon University in 2022, where I was academically advised by Reid Simmons. At Carnegie Mellon, I was a member of the Transportation, Bots, and Disability (TBD) Lab, supervised by Aaron Steinfeld. Additionally, I was a member of the School of Computer Science Dean’s Undergraduate Advisory Committee, as well as a founder and chair of the Accommodations for Blind and Deaf Students Subcommittee.

I am passionate about advocating for better accessibility of daily activities for people with disabilities. I am currently a part of the Disability Pride PA Committee, which organizes events across Pennsylvania :-)